Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Horse Man - (The DSLR & Mobile Phone Photography)

As Ansel Adam says “ we don’t take a photograps, we make a photograps “, there are two choices we have wheter to 'take' or ‘make’ a ‘photo’. We can simply many things in life look fine with ‘take’ a photo of them (sometimes we’ll even take a great photo). To ‘make’ a photo along with the knowledge, you have to gain from practice, preparation and sometimes take a course. That will ‘making’ eye popping images for everyone to enjoy.

The camera phone has become the new point-and shoot – or snapshot camera – of our time. More people have taken up an interest since it’s easily to access. its simplicity and connectivity make people use this device to record their lives. Mobile phone Photography is really change the cellular and photography world in dramatic ways. There are apps out there that allow for brightness, contrast, WB, etc. It wouldn’t be surprised if that continued to expand. It is only a matter of time before phones did like DSLR. For amateurs is about the snapshot , workflow for professional and for me is about fun :D.

Anyway, the rise of mobile phone photography as an art has inspired me to mix up with the DSLR for fun. The more precise control like aperture, shutter speed are still become the highlight of these pics.

Hmmm..I (still) just want to shoot like my eye is the shutter release …

Bromo, December 2011
Picture taken by DSLR
Editing by lots of apps mobile phone photography