Monday, April 23, 2012

Pindapata 2012, Welcoming Vesak 2556 BE

Pindapata also known as practising alms food-collecting. The sight of a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) collecting food in the early morning, is a common one in the lands where the teachings of the Lord Buddha have been long established. The alms-gathering ritual must end before lunchtime. Monks or bhikkhus walk throughout the surrounding neighborhoods collecting foods and goods they will use for their daily sustenance. It does not involve begging, since monks are not generally allowed to actually ask for anything.

This procession taken at Old Town ( Kota Tua) Jakarta, aimed to welcome Vesak 2012. The bhikku walked without footwear, brought a bowl and people dropped alms into bowls.

This is the 2nd time for me join the Pindapata. I always have thought about offering the bhikkus to come to my house everyday for having meal so they dont have to walk. But in the other thought, that may broke the tradition from Budha, where the alms round was, for the Buddha, a key feature of the monastic life. And the alms bowl is, for all Buddhists, a symbol of the monastic order.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa
Honour to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One.

May Buddha bless all of you.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Grebeg Maulud

When you get to witness big traditional festival when visiting places, it would be very memorable. Lately i have my own decision for my self that everytime i go travel I have to, at least, got something to memorized of.

Grebeg Maulud known as the birth of Propeth Muhammad SAW. This is a popular social religious also from Kraton Yogyakarta represent philoshopy of handout for eachother. This royal ceremony involving the entire Sultan Palace Kingdom, all royal officials and involving all levels of society. This ceremony become a salvation or a thanksgiving ceremony for the citizens of Yogyakarta.

The Seven “gunungan” ( gunung means mountain) made from resources harvest carried by soldiers and will distributed for people. Gunungan interpreted as a symbol of cultural communication between the Sultan ( as a King) and his people. The Gunungan will contested (grebeg) and they believe they will be blessed or given a fortune from it. “Grebeg” word itself comes from the word “noisy” which means when the people constest make a noisy sound and crowded.

So this is going to be my 100th photo album on this site and i'm glad coz i put this event, the one from my homeland Yogyakarta. it's called Grebeg. please enjoy,,,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Tawur Agung Kesanga Ceremony

Tawur Agung is hindunese sacred ritual to clean up body and soul one day before meditation in Nyepi. Usually is placed on a big square, like in here at Lapangan Puputan Badung. Tawur Agung Kesanga a ritual performed to vanquish the negative elements and create balance with God, Mankind, and Nature. This ritual is believed to be an effective way to purify the island in order to make a harmonious relation between human being and God, human and human, and human and their environments.

The word “tawur” literally means, “pay” in a sense of a payment to the bhuta kala, personification to negative force, in order to restore the harmony of life. And kesanga is the ninth month in Balinese Caka calendar.

The kesanga is considered the worst month by the Balinese, with troublesome rainy season, and when even the earth is said to be sick and feverish (panes). It is believed that the Lord of Hell, Yama, sweeps Hades of devils, which fall on Bali, making it imperative that the whole of the island be purified.

One Morning After The Silent Day

Silent Day, the religious holiday known as Nyepi, is the traditional Hindhu’s celebration that only happen in Bali. It falls every year according to Hindhu ancient calendar. It is a symbolic act for the winning of good (Dharma) over bad energy (Adharma).

All activities are totally stopped. No TV or Radio, no vehichels on the road, no light, no traveling, all activities are stop operated including the airport. The day of silent starts from 6am to the next morning, 6 am. The whole Hindhu are fasting and meditating during the Nyepi day for self purification.

The day before Nyepi which is well-known as Pengrupukan ( I will post later about it) all Balinese do such a small ceremony to dismiss evil spirit around their compound and also the area they live usually at the junctions.

The day after live gets back to normal again. Found this loyal man near my homestay cleaned the temple on the day after Nyepi.