Monday, April 23, 2012

Pindapata 2012, Welcoming Vesak 2556 BE

Pindapata also known as practising alms food-collecting. The sight of a bhikkhu (Buddhist monk) collecting food in the early morning, is a common one in the lands where the teachings of the Lord Buddha have been long established. The alms-gathering ritual must end before lunchtime. Monks or bhikkhus walk throughout the surrounding neighborhoods collecting foods and goods they will use for their daily sustenance. It does not involve begging, since monks are not generally allowed to actually ask for anything.

This procession taken at Old Town ( Kota Tua) Jakarta, aimed to welcome Vesak 2012. The bhikku walked without footwear, brought a bowl and people dropped alms into bowls.

This is the 2nd time for me join the Pindapata. I always have thought about offering the bhikkus to come to my house everyday for having meal so they dont have to walk. But in the other thought, that may broke the tradition from Budha, where the alms round was, for the Buddha, a key feature of the monastic life. And the alms bowl is, for all Buddhists, a symbol of the monastic order.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa
Honour to the Blessed One, the Exalted One, the fully Enlightened One.

May Buddha bless all of you.


Johanes Jonaz said...

Tanggal 6 ke magelang gak tante?

francesca ken said...

Iya Jo...brkt tgl 5. Kowe mlipir ora?

santi panon home said...

ini keren banget deh... :)

santi panon home said...

ken nanti waisak jadi ke borobudur??? ikutan dong ken :)

francesca ken said...

Ayo San, pesen tiket aja tar kita bareng kesananya..

santi panon home said...

tiket kereta ato pesawat ken?? serius gw mau booking nih, owyah disana lo nginap dimana?? kalo bisa bareng, ikut juga .........hhaha ikut mulu :)