Monday, April 16, 2012

Grebeg Maulud

When you get to witness big traditional festival when visiting places, it would be very memorable. Lately i have my own decision for my self that everytime i go travel I have to, at least, got something to memorized of.

Grebeg Maulud known as the birth of Propeth Muhammad SAW. This is a popular social religious also from Kraton Yogyakarta represent philoshopy of handout for eachother. This royal ceremony involving the entire Sultan Palace Kingdom, all royal officials and involving all levels of society. This ceremony become a salvation or a thanksgiving ceremony for the citizens of Yogyakarta.

The Seven “gunungan” ( gunung means mountain) made from resources harvest carried by soldiers and will distributed for people. Gunungan interpreted as a symbol of cultural communication between the Sultan ( as a King) and his people. The Gunungan will contested (grebeg) and they believe they will be blessed or given a fortune from it. “Grebeg” word itself comes from the word “noisy” which means when the people constest make a noisy sound and crowded.

So this is going to be my 100th photo album on this site and i'm glad coz i put this event, the one from my homeland Yogyakarta. it's called Grebeg. please enjoy,,,

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