Thursday, June 23, 2011

Overview the Matsushima

Matsushima is only short distance from prefectural capital Sendai and easily accessible by train. Matsushima is a group of island where 260 tiny island, large and small, covered by black and red pines and grayish white rocks. It makes the view changes from place to place and from season to season.Its pine-covered islands are considered one of Japan’s scenic treasures.The area was protected by the islands and suffered little damage of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Matsushima's best-known structure is the most famous Zen temple, stands facing Matsushima Bay. Zuigan-ji Temple, a Zen temple erected in 828. On the right side of the pathway leading to the temple are caves and grottoes dug out by priests long ago; adorned with Buddhist statues and memorial tablets, they were used for practicing Zazen (sitting meditation) and are an impressive sight.

In Matsushima there are a variety of tourist attractions such as various observations spots, including the representative views from the Four Best Viewpoints, "Zuiganji Temple", the only Zen temple in Tohoku, the main shrine of the Five Great Vidyarajas "Godaido Hall", and a wealth of historical cultural heritage associated with the Date Clan, including the "Kanrantei", a tea ceremony house.

Matshusima is ranked as one of the three most beautiful sites in Japan. With its stunning island scenery, the place is frequented by visitors all year round.

To Get There:
Public Transportation: 23 minutes from Sendai station to Matsushima- Kaigan station by the JR Senseki Line rapid train.
Approximately 25 minutes from Sendai station to Matsushima- Kaigan station by the JR Tohoku Honsen Line
Car:Approximately 50 minutes from central Sendai via Route 45.

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