Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Letter from Panthera

Dear human,

I just lost my friend a  months ago. I thought he lost while hunting for some food but sadly he was caught in a trap made by you. He couldn’t do nothing, tried to survive without food and water for 7days while his right leg severely wounded and surrounded by insect. Some of you tried to help but it was too late. He was 18 months years old.

( watch the video about my friend )
credit title : Greenpeace Indonesia

The story begin while oneday we heard no more nature sound in our land but the noisy machine. It was not far away from the place where we used to play together or just lay down after did hunting. You called our home a forest. As you know forest ecosystem covers the flora and  fauna. Beside the animal the herbivores also live. The tree, grass and other plants that those animal need for food. As a top predator we have to hunt for food. We have to make sure that all animal -who live in -that we eats live.

Now felled trees everywhere. You’ve been trying to remove our land  and converted to a nonforest use. And due to spreading areas such as well as encroachment by logging and road building activities, we threated of habitat loss and we cannot live in places where trees have vanished. We were forced into areas closer to humans. Sometimes we lost and being killed or arrested while entering rural. Since forests also catch and help store rainwater and protect soils you have to remember that areas with less trees lead to floods and other disaster that effect to human.

Do you know when you save the forest means you save our habitat means you save us means you also save yourself?. Do you know we are at the top of the foodchain for the protection off all species on our earth?. Do you know saving the tigers means saving mankinds?. Well  I guess, on behalf of our community, & sure that you are smarter than us.

We just need our land back so our community can live along and you too. Stop hunting and trapping us in our own land.

Thank you  



Johanes Jonaz said...

I'm reading your letter panthera... and so is Ken

Panorama Cikaso said...

let's go back to local wisdom. to uncover the future ...!

francesca ken said...

sedih omm...waktu nulis and liat videonya aja sedih...hikss