Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Phnom Penh, A Pocket of Cambodia - TeerSheet

(For Travel& Fotografi Mag, July'13)

Situated at the confluence of three rivers, the mighty Mekong, the Bassac and the great Tonle Sap, what was once considered the 'Gem' of Indochina, Phnom Penh or the capital city of Cambodia, like other Asian-City tourist destinations, is in the midst of rapid change. Over the past few years the number of restaurants and hotels have grown considerably and in the last year there had been a huge increase in the number of visitors. Whereas Siem Reap might lay claim to being the "cultural capital" of Cambodia, Phnom Penh still has plenty to offer those wanting to enjoy the city during their stay.

You can't truly say you have been to Phnom Penh until you have checked these " must - see " to do list.

1. The Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda, this royal complex is reminiscent of Bangkok's grand palace on a smaller scale.
2. Wat Phnom, the first Pagoda which the city named after this Wat, set on apprroximately 30m high hill.
3. Killing Fields, known in Khmer as Choeung Ek, one of the places where Pol Pot's folowers slaughtered thousands people and burrying them in shallow mass graves.
4. River Cruises
5. Phsar Thmei ( Central Market), the city's most famous local market with an art deco building.

6. The Russian Market, another shopping must-do with plenty of branded goods on sale. Bargaining skill is required :)
7. Amok Fish, or steamed curried fish, is a traditional dish of Cambodian cuisine. It is fish coated in a thick coconut milk with kroeung, either steamed or baked in a cup made from banana leaves
8. Blue Pumpkin, A very famous restaurant in Cambodia which offer offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, pastries, cakes as well as a wide selection of ice cream.
9. Beer, the best beer in the world are made in here. Angkor Beer,
Anchor Beer, Tiger, Carlsberg, Cambodia Beer, Kingdom Beer, Phnom Penh Beer and many other brands. All made fresh in Cambodia, Everyday.

On my first trip to Phnom Penh last August 2012 , I took a bus from Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam with  the main destination is  Siem Reap.. I change my mind on the way back to HCMC and spend one night at Phnom Penh and  promise my self to comeback again someday.

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