Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Between Cap Go Me and Kemaro Island...

An old chinese festive, celebrating the "Cap Go Me" is a surprising festival, hundred thousand people were participating this event. A week after the Chinese New Year, the Cap Go Me is celebrated. Kemaro Island is one of tourism place in Palembang (South Sumatra). Now with Cap Go Mee (chinese culture) some people make Kemaro Island one place to celebrate Cap Go Mee days. Kemaro Island one place of praying center for Buddhist. Every Chinese day's moment always celebrate in Kemaro Island. This small island is a couple of kilometres downstream from the city centre. It is home to a large Bhuddist temple and the grave of a Chinese princess. Legend has it that the princess was sent from China to marry the King Of Srivijaya but when she arrived on the island with the dowry of ceramic pots, the king expected them to be filled wit gold and precious stones. Upon inspection the king found only preserved food and became angry. The princess jumped off a cliff in fear for her life.
How to get there?
Kemaro Island can be reach by boat from Benteng Kuto Besak and we pay Rp.20.000 /person or Rp.150.000/boat. during 1 hour the boat will also bring us to the trip along Musi River.

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